Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is required if abnormal tyre wear is noticed, after an impact on a wheel by a pot hole or curb, or after the vehicle has been involved in an accident.

Wheel Alignment is split into two separate types :-

Front wheel alignment is the relationship of one front wheel to the other. This check can be carried out simply and quickly, and if out of specification it can be adjusted quickly.

Pictures of Arex Front Wheel Alignment Machine

Arex Front Wheel AlignmentArex Front Wheel Alignment

Four Wheel Alignment is a more in depth check and takes longer to do. Sensors are put on each wheel and measurements of castor, camber, set back and toe, are taken. Starting with the rear wheels, these are set to the correct angles and aligned down the centreline of the vehicle. Next each front wheel angle is set, and then each wheel tracking (or toe) is aligned with the vehicle centre line.

Pictures of John Bean 4 Wheel Alignment system

John Bean Wheel Alignment John Bean Wheel Alignment